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Passion Meets Business

Oh hello there! Welcome to my catering page where I share with you my journey and experiences of starting and operating a  full service catering, Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor business from scratch based in Evanston, IL.  I was born and raised in Evanston and have a daughter named Londyn, A.K.A Chicky, hence the business name. Chicky’s Kitchen Creations, LLC (CKC) has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my experiences and insights with my supporters and especially my Evanston community.

With a background in managing catering and events at Hilton and working my way up from a restaurant hostess to restaurant manager, I have gained invaluable experience in the food and hospitality industries. At CKC, I put this experience to use to ensure that my clients receive the highest quality of service and food. I believe in using only the finest ingredients, and every dish is made from scratch to ensure that my clients receive a truly unique culinary experience.


As the founder of Chicky's Kitchen Creations, LLC., I am grateful for the many opportunities I have been blessed with thus far. One year into my business, I was honored to cater the first Reparations Dinner in Evanston, and it still blows my mind today. I have since catered board meeting lunches for the YMCA, Christmas dinners for the City of Evanston staff, dinners for DIVAS CAN with Northwestern, and many other social events.

I've also done Personal Chef services for Valentine's Day at home, Friendsgiving's and intimate birthday parties. I host cooking classes via zoom or in person with family and friends, staff training and development for knife skills and sanitation with local businesses and much more!


Every event is unique and requires a personalized touch, and I take pride in providing high-quality service and delicious meals for all.

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