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The Joy of Cooking with Kids

The best thing about cooking with kids is that there is no age requirement or age limit on getting kids in the kitchen. As soon as your child, niece, nephew or grandchild begins peeking over the counter while you’re cooking, wanting to shake the seasoning bottles because they see you doing it or asks to help cook then you know it’s time to EMPOWER YOUR CHILD IN THE KITCHEN!

I was grateful to stumble across an entrepreneur-based cooking instructor business called, Healthy Hands Cooking (HHC), while trying to figure out how I was going to stay busy while furloughed during the pandemic. And let me tell you, it was the BEST discovery I EVER made! Healthy Hands Cooking has a large pool of Certified Cooking Instructors who have a passion for cooking, a big heart for kids and most importantly a desire for ENDING CHILDHOOD OBESITY. Their mission to end childhood obesity is met by promoting and using fresh and healthy ingredients.

Now, if you are just as passionate about the things I just mentioned above, then visit and get started on showing kids how to cook today!

I joined the HHC entrepreneur business in July 2020. Since then, I have done virtual cooking classes, virtual cooking demos and partnered with Chandler-Newberger Center in Evanston, IL. At Chandlers I teach kids ages 5-13 hands-on basic skills in the kitchen, educate them on nutrition and demonstrate recipes.

We are currently rolling through week 2 at Chandler. We have covered kitchen hygiene, cross contamination, measuring and knife skills. We have made Pesto Turkey Veggie Meatballs, Mini English Muffin Pizzas and Scary Apple Teeth. I can tell that all of the kids in the program have a passion for cooking, which I LOVE! They ask honest questions, are curious about the cooking tools being used and are willing to try new ingredients, which if you have children you know that can be a challenge.

So, hey! I challenge you to bring your child in the kitchen with you next mealtime. Here are some ways to get him/her started:

· Stir together ingredients

· Mix together and form meatballs

· Grate or cut cheese or veggies

· Measure out ingredients

· Practice math and reading by having your child read off the recipe

· Have them assist in making their favorite meal

· Take them grocery shopping and have them pick out an ingredient to use for a meal

If you’re up for this challenge, visit This site has a ton of colorful kid friendly cooking tools that will help your child get started.

Remember, there is no age requirement or age limit for kids to get in the kitchen. My daughter is 2, and she loves mixing up her own chocolate milk. Empower your kids in the kitchen and allow them to take over. Before you know it, they will be preparing their own lunch, snacks and maybe even dinner too!

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